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General terms and conditions of sale

June 2022



The present general terms and conditions of sale (hereafter “GTC”) apply to the sales of goods by Brunschwig & Cie SA (hereafter “Brunschwig”) to its clientele (hereafter “customer”) as part of the online BG Outlet (hereafter “BG Outlet”).



In-store purchases are subject to their own general terms and conditions of sale, as stated on


Purchases on Bongenie Grieder are also subject to their own terms and conditions of sale, accessible under



The range of products sold on BG Outlet is composed of articles created by renowned designers from the high-end premium and luxury segments. Brunschwig receives the latter directly from their producers or authorized dealers, and guarantees their authenticity.


- The range of products offered in BG Outlet is the same as the general stock available in all Brunschwig shops. Depending on the purchases of our customers online or in the shop, it can however change at any time and thus differ from the existing assortment at this point.

- Therefore, despite the fact that Brunschwig takes great care to update the BG Outlet as close to real time as possible, it is possible that some items in the range displayed on the BG Outlet may be unavailable. The customer may cancel an order in whole or in part if the order contains items that are shown as available but no longer are.

- The products sold on BG Outlet are illustrated on the website by their digital photos. Minor visual differences between these presentations and the real object do not engage Brunschwig's responsibility for the characteristics of the article concerned.


Upon receipt of an online order, Brunschwig will notify the customer of the receipt of the order. This notification only serves to inform the sender of the order that the order is being processed.
It does not yet mean that the requested sale has been concluded.
In particular:

- The order can only be executed if the desired articles are available. In the event that the online order cannot be fulfilled, Brunschwig will be obliged to cancel the order in part or in full, without being held responsible in any way.

- The products offered by BG Outlet are intended for retail sale.
In particular, Brunschwig reserves the right, at its own discretion, to refuse the conclusion of a sale (in particular if the intended purchase seems to be intended for resale to third parties) or, if necessary, to limit the deliverable quantity per article and per customer.

- In general, Brunschwig is entitled to refuse or suspend its acceptance of an order without giving any reasons - this, however, only under special circumstances, which Brunschwig will judge at its own discretion.

- The sending of an order via BG Outlet can only be successful if various personal data are provided, which are protected as described below under point 8. PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA - Brunschwig reserves the right to take civil and criminal proceedings in the case of false information.

- Orders can only be delivered in Switzerland or Liechtenstein.



- The prices of the items available for sale are indicated in Swiss Francs (CHF) and include all related taxes (VAT).

- Brunschwig reserves the right to modify the prices at any time.

- In principle, the price for a same article is identical in all Bongenie Grieder stores, as well as on Bongenie Grieder’s online websites. However, it may be subject to promotional actions that may intervene in a distinctive way, that is to say either solely in one of the online shops BG Online Shop or BG Outlet (excluding the Bongenie Grieder stores), or solely in the Bongenie Grieder stores (excluding the online shop websites).

- In all cases, the price applicable is the one in force for the sale via the relevant distribution channel (i.e. the price of the day at the relevant Bongenie Grieder shop, or the price of the day of the internet transaction on the relevant website) - irrespective of any difference in price for the same item when purchased via the other distribution channel.

- Packaging and shipping costs are at the exclusive charge of Brunschwig.


3.2.1 Online payment methods

Brunschwig accepts the following payment methods for purchases on the BG Outlet website:

  • Debit or credit cards recognised by its electronic payment terminals (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Postcard);
  • BG Club cards issued by Brunschwig, under the conditions of use mentioned under 3.2.2 below;
  • PayPal;
  • TWINT;
  • Payment by invoice (Brunschwig reserves the right to refuse payment by invoice without giving reasons).

The invoice is enclosed with the dispatch of the respective order. It must be paid within 14 days of the date of issue.
Payment by invoice is limited to orders amounting to CHF 5'000 and is subject to the successful outcome of a credit check by Brunschwig. The client must have expressly authorised the credit check with the invoice order.
Creditworthiness is checked electronically by our service providers (see below point 8. PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION).

3.2.2 BG-Club cards: additional conditions

Brunschwig issues various "BG Club" cards which are offered to its customers as a means of payment or to collect benefits for its products and services.

The general terms and conditions for the use of these "BG Club" cards can be found in the BG shops and in the FAQ on the website

i) BG Club credit card

This card can be used in shops and online.
Please refer to for a presentation of the card and to for the general conditions of use.

ii) BG Club gift card

The gift card can be purchased in-store or online for a minimum of CHF 50 and a maximum of CHF 2'000. It cannot be purchased through promotional offers and cannot be topped up.
The gift card is valid for 2 years.
The card is available in physical or digital form: if you opt for the digital card, you will receive it by e-mail and you can transfer it to the recipient. If it is a physical gift card, it will be sent to the address you provided when you placed your order).
At the payment stage, the BG Club gift card can be used on our sites by entering the card number in the "I have a gift card" input field.
The gift card cannot be used for payment of amounts due according to the "BG Club" credit card statements.

iii) BG Club voucher

See the presentation of this voucher under and under
The voucher is used on our websites during the payment process: the available amount will be automatically displayed, indicating whether and to what extent this voucher can be taken into account for payment.
The voucher cannot be used to pay amounts due on "BG Club" credit card statements or to collect "BG Club" points.


For any electronic payment method, the sent data is encrypted and secured in application of the recommendations of our providers, namely SIX Payment Services for all credit and debit card payments as well as TWINT, and PayPal Pte Ltd. for PayPal.
Furthermore, please also refer to the point 8. PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA hereafter.



- Delivery addresses can only be in Switzerland or Liechtenstein.

- Delivery times are given as an indication and begin as soon as the dispatch of the order is notified by e-mail.

- A delay in delivery may not give rise to any claim for damages under any circumstances.

- During the end-of-year period (from 23 November to 31 December) or during special operations (e.g. sales), delivery times may be occasionally extended due to the high level of activity of the carriers.


- It is up to the customer's responsibility to check the contents upon receipt of the package.

- In case of a complaint, the article in question must be kept in its original packaging and all documents relating to the purchase - see 7.3 RETURN CONDITIONS below.

Please contact Brunschwig's customer service immediately at the following address:

+41(0)58 330 30 00
(from Mondays to Fridays from 9:30 am to 7 pm and Saturdays from 10 am to 6 pm)



The articles offered by Brunschwig in its shops as well as on its sales sites are of the high quality expected from the brands concerned. Brunschwig inspects them upon receipt from the various suppliers.
If an article purchased from Brunschwig should have a defect (in the legal sense: a defect due to a manufacturing error, transport or storage error), articles 197 ff. of the Swiss Code of Obligations shall apply.


In the event of a reclamation in the sense of defects as stated above, the following procedure is to be followed:

- The customer has the legal responsibility to examine the purchased item immediately after its purchase and to notify Brunschwig at the discovery of such defects, otherwise, the article is considered as accepted.

- Should a defect in the legal sense be effectively verified, it will be remedied according to the dispositions provided by law (refund of the purchase price or price reduction according to the circumstances). Any return of goods to Brunschwig if need be has to respect the procedure indicated in point 7. RETURNS OF ITEMS hereafter.

- In the event of a defect that would be undetectable at first, warranty claims apply up to two years after the acquisition date of the defective item – this, however, is subject to the strict application of the above-mentioned procedure (in particular immediate notification of the hidden default to Brunschwig as soon as it is discovered).


An alterations service is available to all our customers in store, for all items purchased in one of the Brunschwig Group stores (Bongenie Grieder, Max Mara Suisse, Hofstetter Sports, Buzzano, BG Outlet).
Members of the BG Club loyalty program, who benefit from advantages and privileges that evolve according to their status, can be offered simple or complex alterations on items that are not on sale or not from the BG Outlet site.
BG Club members with a higher status benefit from free simple or complex alterations on articles sold or purchased online on the BG Outlet site.


The simple alterations listed below are offered to all BG Club members upon registration.

Women’s simple alterations

  • Shortening of single trouser hems
  • Shortening of trouser hems with lapels
  • Shortening of trouser hems with lining
  • Shortening of trouser hems with slit
  • Shortening of wide trouser hems
  • Shortening of an original pair of jeans
  • Cutting of leather trouser hems
  • Shortening of leather trouser hems

Men’s simple alterations

  • Shortening of single trouser hems
  • Shortening of trouser hems with lapels
  • Shortening of trouser hems with lining
  • Shortening of trouser hems with lapels and lining
  • Shortening of an original pair of jeans
  • Cutting of leather trouser hems
  • Shortening of leather trouser hems


All other types of alterations are considered as complex alterations. These are offered to BG Club members, depending on their status. For more information on the list of privileges by status, please visit



- Apart from returns of goods to Brunschwig subject to the situations provided by law, Brunschwig, at its sole discretion, grants the possibility to the customer to cancel their purchase.

- Any article can be returned directly in one of the Bongenie Grieder stores or sent back by post.

- Returns by post are at the customer’s charge, who also bears the related shipping risks.

Whatever the cause of the return, the conditions stated in the below-mentioned points 7.2 and 7.3 are to be applied strictly.

7.2 TERM

The return of goods is only possible within 14 days after invoice date.


In all cases of return (by direct delivery to the shop or by post), the following conditions must be observed:

- The invoice document must be enclosed with the returned goods. The invoice is available in the customer account "My orders". Without the invoice, the return cannot be processed and the shipment will be returned to the customer.
Any return of goods by post must be registered on the website from "My account", then "My orders", indicating the reason for the return.

- The article must be sent in its original packaging, which will have been kept in an adequate state - see article 4.2 RECEIPT OF ORDERED ITEMS. For example, bags and shoes should be returned in their boxes, with their eventual dust bags - all of which must be returned in external packaging: the bag or shoebox itself cannot be used as packaging for return.

- Returned items must be returned to Brunschwig in brand new and undamaged condition, with all labels still attached to the original presentation. Lingerie or swimwear articles may only be tried on over other pieces of clothing. Any hygiene protection that may be present must also be left in place.


Returns are not possible for perfumery and cosmetic items.

Returns are not possible for BG-Club gift cards, which can only be used for a purchase and hence are not refundable.

Refunds for purchases made with a gift card are dealt with under point 7.6 REFUND below.


Brunschwig reserves the right to refuse any goods that, at its sole discretion, it deems not to comply with the above-mentioned return criteria.


- If Brunschwig is of the opinion that the above-mentioned return conditions are met, the returned item can be refunded - or exchanged (in shop) according to the customer's request.

- The refund will occur using the same method of payment as the one selected at the time of ordering. Depending on the chosen method of payment, the refund will occur within two working days after receipt and confirmation by Brunschwig of the processing of the returned goods.

- The refund of a purchase made with a gift card can only occur by issuing a new gift card of equivalent value - if necessary, only the amount paid in addition to the purchase price of the returned item is subject to refund.

- In the event of a partial return of an order against invoice, the price of the returned item will be deducted from the invoice, the balance of which will remain due.



Brunschwig strictly observes the applicable legislation on the protection of the customer's privacy and the code of conduct for distance selling of the Swiss Mail Order Association.


- In order to be able to use certain services proposed by Bongenie Grieder, in particular to place a first order on BG Outlet, the customer has to create an account which he can modify or delete at any time. The personal information has to be given with exactitude. Without these pieces of information, BG Outlet cannot treat any orders.

- Any personal information registered on the website (address, purchases) is treated in the strictest confidence.

- At any time, the customer can modify or delete his personal data on the website (address, purchases, etc.) under “My Account” and “My personal information”.

- Bank information is never in the possession of Brunschwig, any transaction being directly conducted in a secured manner by our payment partners – also consult above-mentioned point 3.3 SECURITY.

- BG Outlet uses permanent cookies. The latter simply provide the registration of customer transactions, and aim to facilitate their upcoming visits on the websites or future orders and to adapt the offer to their preferences. It is possible to authorize cookies in the security parameters of the used web browser.

- Brunschwig uses the web user’s data via Google Analytics in an anonymous way, in order to obtain analysis concerning the usage of BG Outlet. Google Analytics solely provides Bongenie Grieder internal market surveys, in order to adapt the organisation of BG Outlet to the customers’ needs.

- Brunschwig does not communicate data related to its customer base, the only exception being its service providers having to assist in the execution of online sales or to accomplish statistical analysis. To each of these auxiliary services, this information remains strictly available in the accomplishment of the tasks entrusted by Brunschwig: treatment of orders or payments, shipping, credit investigation or statistical analysis. These service providers are themselves subject to the legislation on the protection of personal data.


The ordered items remain the property of Brunschwig until payment of the total amount. The latter can in case of payment default claim the return of the goods in their original state, and reserves the right to engage proceedings or to claim damages.


Brunschwig reserves the right to modify at any time the present general terms and conditions of sale. Any amended version comes into effect at the date stated in the present article.

Current version: June 2022


The present terms and conditions of sale as well as any procedure and transaction subject to it are exclusively subject to Swiss right.

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