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The company Izipizi was founded in 2010 by the three French entrepreneurs Xavier Aguera, Charles Brun and Quentin Couturier under the name “See Concept”. Their first collection consisted of reading glasses. Their effortless models became so popular that, four years later, the company expanded its portfolio to sunglasses and computer glasses. Today, Izipizi also sells an impressive range of children’s sunglasses that come in bold colours and original patterns. The company knows that babies and children have eyes that are very sensitive to the sun and that they thus require a special protection in order to avoid eye damage. That’s why the models for babies and children possess sturdy, yet supple frames with straight arms that adapt to your child’s growth. The glasses are category 3 and offer polarized lenses. In addition, Izipizi also offers glasses for kids until the age of 10 years, which are based on the adult’s range. These glasses are characterized by their happy designs and their high production quality. Whether you prefer the oval, round or square models, you will surely find the right one for your child. Their products are unisex, which means that they will suit all children. The glasses are supplied as standard with a stylish case so you won’t have to worry about any scratches. Discover the best Izipizi sunglasses for your child in our Bongénie Grieder stores and in our online shop. Order online and enjoy free delivery in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.