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about the creator

FTC Cashmere

Founded by Jutta and Andreas Knezovic in 2003, FTC Cashmere combines quality, efficiency and profitability with human and moral values. Specializing in high quality cashmere knitwear, the label stands for pure and covetable fashion and fair, ethical production methods. Sustainability is in the centre of the brand's values when it comes to choosing manufacturers for their products. Common projects with farmers and employees, tradition, as well as environmental consciousness and ethics are the basis for all of FTC Cashmere's products. Next to the pure cashmere jumpers and cardigans, the label has also launched FTC SeaCell collections, where fine cashmere meets skin-friendly, breathable algae fibres. The latter are farmed in the cold and pure Icelandic fjords. Mingled with cashmere, the pieces are luxuriously soft. Their manufacturing in the label's own factories in Mongolia stays 100% fair trade, just as the pure cashmere collections. In 2008, the brand created a project called FTC Cashmere Goat Breeding Farm & Cashmere Farmer Protection Program, supporting the poorest farmer families in the Shanxi region. It keeps a maximum of 5000 goats on about 106,000 square meters, and gives about 3000 animals to goat farmers every year. As an exchange, the farmers inform FTC Cashmere about the number of animals, and the label assists them in taking care of them with the help of local veterinarians. The farmers' children are not forgotten thanks to the Swiss International FTC Cashmere World Hope School, offering them education, sports activities and playgrounds. Discover the Swiss brand's super-soft cashmere and SeaCell jumpers and cardigans for women at Bongénie Grieder. The sustainable creations are available online and in-store. Order them now, and enjoy free shipping in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Returns are free of charge in our stores.